Sweat Test Possible in the First Days of Life

The Nanoduct Neonatal Sweat Analysis System simplifies the sweat test and for the first time makes possible reliable laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis in the first days of life.

The compact and ergonomic Nanoduct updates the classic method of inducing sweat by pilocarpine iontophoresis, followed by continuous-flow analysis using the unique Nanoduct sensor cell. Results appear quickly on the display.

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Nanoduct® has sensitive and robust self-diagnostics for complete monitoring of all system functions and now includes computer and printer interface capability. To record more detailed information or to capture the results in a computer file, ELITechGroup's Nanoduct® Lab Report software for Windows® combines user-provided information with measurement results directly from the Nanoduct® to a printable and/or savable report.

Unique Nanoduct Sensor Cell
Benefits for your Laboratory
  • Device
    • Initial Sweating Rate Displayed Automatically
    • Requires Only 3 Microliters of Sweat!
    • Shorter Stimulation Time
    • Neonate-to-Adult Capability
    • Automatic Averaging of Conductivity
    • Compact Hand-Held Unit
    • Lab Report Software
More Information

Catalogue number: Model 1030
Weight: 0.5 kg / 1.2 lbs
Dimensions (Case): 13.5 in x 4 in x 10.5 in

Product availability may vary by country.


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