ELITechGroup Macroduct Advanced, the perfect solution to sweat testing and cystic fibrosis diagnosis

Macroduct® Advanced

Sweat Collection System

ELITechGroup, known for worldwide transformation and innovation of sweat testing with the Webster Sweat Inducer and Macroduct® Sweat Collection System, approved by the U.S. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and other global CF associations, offers the FDA-cleared Macroduct® Advanced Sweat Collection System. LEARN MORE...

The Perfect CF Diagnostic Companion

ChloroChek® Chloridometer® Sweat Chloride Analyzer

The ChloroChek is the only FDA cleared Chloridometer for sweat testing. It is also the perfect companion to the Macroduct Advanced. With its intuitive touch-screen interface, it leads the operator through the entire process, measuring chloride levels in sweat samples in less than 20 seconds. LEARN MORE...

ELITechGroup Chlorochek® Chloridometer®, the perfect companion to the Macroduct Advanced for complete chloride analysis 
ELITechGroup is the World Leader in Laboratory Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis

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